Our Story

Adding value for those who deserve it - electrical distributors

A need for change

5,000 and rising. This is the number of electrical distributors scattered throughout the United States. Competition is extreme. Electrical distributors are buying pipe and selling it at a loss just to make their customers happy. Unbelievable! This highly competitive industry requires the utmost attention to the needs and demands of the modern electrical contractor. With pressure from every side - home centers - independent distributors - online channels - and a need for efficiency - electrical distributors need help more than ever before.

Three. And shrinking. This is the number of electrical conduit pipe manufacturers in the United States of America. A lack of competitive environment has brought innovation to a standstill and customer service (to electrical distributors) is practically non-existent. Prices are rising mostly due to a lack of competition and a great deal of waste. Waste in the value chain. Waste in the manufacturing process. And no one incentivized to eliminate that waste. Why lower prices or look to reduce waste when there are no other options today? Electrical distributors are viewed by these manufacturers as simply a "channel" and not a customer. While these manufacturers support many "channels" (some moreso than others) electrical distributors are left with few options and must live by the laundry list of "rules" in place. High order minimums. Slow service. Lack of attention to detail. Zero flexibility. No help.

Enter Linear Solutions

A small team of engineers, sales professionals, and lean manufacturing experts with a vision for the future saw an opportunity. There was a better way of doing business. What if - we decided to view electrical distributors as a "customer" and not a "channel?" What if we broke all the rules? What if we decided to add value to the electrical distributors instead of "extracting value" as our competitors do. Well, it has been a few years now and if you ask our customers - IT IS WORKING!

Simply put, Linear Solutions works for the Electrical Distributor. You are our boss. It is time to say "yes" to the questions you have asked for so long. Yes, we can service your will call. Yes, we respect your time and you will be loaded in minutes (not hours). Yes, we will deliver any time. Any place. Yes, we will take that custom order. And Yes. You will be MORE PROFITABLE...now growing at an extremely rapid pace the next answer is: